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Vaginal bleeding…I’m having the worst time of my life!

After my miscarriage in Oct 2013, I kept telling myself I am not infertile, we can try again. I know that I need at least 1 cycle to heal, I got my period 3 weeks after my D&C – but it was just for a day.

I have my monthly check up with my OB, it’s not required but I really really wanted to know that I am OK. The OB told me that it was indeed my period and that my ovaries are still trying to wake up. I just love him and his simple ways to say stuff! He also said that we could start trying but not wholeheartedly. I thought OK, so there must be a chance!

So we tried, but then I started to bleed in Dec during intercourse and when I say bleed…I mean BLEED! Like there was a crime scene on the bed (yes, I know it’s gross but it’s reality! Sometimes your life is just fucked up!). After that horrible experience, I used a pad and there wasn’t really a lot of blood after the activity, maybe just a drop?

I went to my OBΒ and he didn’t really see anything because when I went to him and told him this crazy thing that happened, he got his pap smear gadget and got blood because I’ve just started my period. Boo!

So I said…Okay…maybe what I had was my period which needed help to get out? Haha! I know, that sounds ridiculous!

Then on January, I bled on day 15. Again, during intercourse.

Then again on February on Day30.

Seriously?! It’s bad enough that we can’t conceive but having this crazy bleeding during intercourse is just driving me insane and down the path to depression.

My OB did a pap smear and saw that I have something on my cervix — honestly, I can’t remember because he didn’t give me any treatment for it. He did mention that I might need a hysteroscopy if I bleed again. He also started me on Clomid.

Thank God I did not bleed…until April! Oh dear Lord, what is happening to me?

We went back to our home country for the Holy Week and had my OB there take a look at me. I had a pap smear and she found that I had cervical erosion but since she is not accredited to do a colposcopy, she asked me to have it checked back here.

First good news, my pap smear came back: Negative for malignancy.

Second good news, my OB back here did a colposcopy (it is not overly uncomfortable…but if you think about how it’s done — hahaha! Imagine having someone with a microscope on your vajayjay!) and he didn’t find anything cancerous.

Did you know that vaginal bleeding is also a symptom of cervical cancer? Yeah, so imagine how crazy I was in the past few months.

I was prescribed 3 doses of Albothyl vaginal suppositories, to be taken every other night. It was the weirdest vaginal suppository I have every had! Aside from the fact that you have to insert it as deep as possible, it just felt weird and the discharge is even weirder! Aside from the fact that there’s like torn wet tissue paper texture, I also had a discharge, while taking a bath which looked similar to the chicken’s liver! Okay…maybe smaller but something like that.

I took pictures of the big discharge (yes, I am gross!)! But my OB told me not to be alarmed by big discharges and I was looking for discharges on the internet and couldn’t find any! Yes, I am that gross! But hey, I wanted to know what was normal. I used panty liners the entire time because it can be quite wet. Honestly, I didn’t have big discharges during the medication, just the following:

  • Some bloody discharge in the late afternoon, the day after the colposcopy
  • When I woke up on day 3 post-colposcopy, there were bloody clots when I peed for the first time that day but no more discharge after lunch time. (Called the OB and he said this was normal!)
  • Sandy (very very small black stuff) discharge
  • 3 days after the last dose, I had that very very big discharge

I have had rather milder sexual intercourse after this and no bleeding. Woohoo! I have to go back to my OB to check on my cervix’s recovery.

I hope I don’t bleed again. It is quite scary!


2 thoughts on “Vaginal bleeding…I’m having the worst time of my life!

  1. how long do a suppository to put inside the vagina/ how many hours?..and also should it be only inserted in vagina and not in cervix? thanks

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