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Review: Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper (Red)

All babies nowadays have rockers. I know my sisters in the 90s didn’t, so why did I buy one for my son? It’s because we wanted a place where my son could nap in that we could move around the flat (living room, bedroom and dining room). With the GRACO Pack n’ Play originally in the bedroom and we didn’t want to take it in and out of the bedroom everyday, we thought this rocker napper would be great outside the bedroom. (Turns out, we didn’t use the GRACO Pack n’ Play until my son turned 3 months!)

Overall: I think it is very useful, helpful and my son looks very comfortable in it. He could sleep in it for 3 hours straight when he was below 3 months old. Now that he’s so curious, it’s a great chair for him to sit in while we are eating in the dining room. We use this every day until now (he’s 4 months!).

Price: US$81.41 (About HK$635)
Bought from: Amazon

How often was this product used?
Daily. It’s one of the most used items we purchased for my son. He used to nap there all the time until he turned 3 months (we took out the GRACO pack n’ play for his daytime naps so he has more space to learn to roll over). He still uses the rocker now but mostly just during our meal times where we adjust the reclined position to the sitting position for him to watch us eat.

What do we like about this rocker?

  • Very easy to set up. My husband set it up in a couple of minutes and he loves setting up stuff!
    Quite sturdy! I can actually push it with my feet from one end to another end of the room (baby not in it!). I’ve also tried to pull it very slowly while my son was sleeping inside (dangerous, I know!) because the afternoon sun was shining so brightly.
  • Mr. Sun and Mr. Snail: They were my son’s first toys and he first loved Mr. Snail and after a few more weeks he loved Mr. Sun more. I use them to talk to my son with a squeaky voice and he loves it! He looks at them and talks to them, with me there or if he was left alone with them.
  • The songs and the lights of the “mobile” (is that what it’s still called?). It’s got a catchy tune and saves me about 5 minutes when I’m preparing his things or myself (pee and drink water before he feeds!) and I just need to put him down in the rocker for a while.
  • The mobile part is removable. When you need it removed, it can be!
  • Rocking motion: You don’t really need to rock it with your feet! When the baby moves, as long as he is placed in the middle, once he moves it will rock by itself. It used to be able to rock him back to sleep but I think my baby associates me and breastfeeding with sleeping so he needs to have another feed to be able to go back to sleep most of the time.
  • Colour: The shade of red is very very nice!
  • Washable pad: Hey, anything washable that children uses is a big plus!

What could be improved?

  • Provide a canopy. There’s a new version: Cozy Rocker Napper, which has addressed this. It was still “Coming Soon” when I bought this red one and couldn’t wait for it because I wanted all my items to arrive before Christmas.
  • A flatER rocker position. I know the “Feature” page of Tiny love says it has a flat pad, but I think that they are talking about just the pad, the position of the rocker is still a bit reclined – not completely parallel to the floor. What we do is to make the front part stationary and not rocking. This makes the pad parallel to the floor.
  • This is easy to setup because parts just “click” together and they are already connected. Problem with this, it might be a problem for other families because one time, my mother-in-law carried this while my son was inside! Imagine my face!!! I almost had a heart attack! Maybe if they could make the connectors more secured.
  • Batteries: My husband hates that he has to keep charging his rechargeable batteries haha! Is there any other battery alternative to this? Not a biggie but how many rechargeable batteries should you buy when you have a child? Currently, we have about 20 of them.

What I use with the rocker:

  • Longer flatfold cloth diaper: We place it on top of the pad and secure it at the sides. So, just in case my son has spit ups, we can change it immediately or daily and don’t need to wash the pad that came with the rocker so often.

I’ve never used the rocker’s vibration feature. For those who used it, did your baby like it?

Which rocker did you buy for your little one? Are you satisfied with it? Does your little one like it?


One thought on “Review: Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper (Red)

  1. This rocker saved me! Our nb 2 loved to be carried and she was actually able to ‘shake’alone in the rocker, i liked having her taking a nap next to me (not always upstairs in her room) as i could watch her and avoid running to give the pacifier back… I would have liked the mat to be smoother as i felt her head should have been on a softer/cosier surface. Must have if you dont want to spend days with your baby in your arms and get him/her used to be carried at all times!

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