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Being a mum to a bubbly 5-month old boy feels amazing!

My son is so wonderful! He’s such an easy baby to take care of and he smiles as soon as he sees us after work or when I come home for lunch. Best. Feeling. Ever. I thought coming home to a husband was the best feeling ever, but naaaahhh it is actually coming home to both your husband and child (or children!) who are so happy to see you. He first smiled genuinely at 7 weeks and he’s been smiling ever since!

My son was born really small, just 2.015kg (4lb 7oz) and with hypoglycemia for the first 3 days. Now at 5 months, he is 5.42kg (11lb 15oz) and is being exclusively breastfed (since day 4).

Due to IUGR, I am somewhat worried about his developmental milestones but so far, so good! I don’t think I should be worried anymore. Aside from not really liking tummy time and the few rolling over from tummy to back, he has really strong knees as he can stand well. Even the pediatrician we visited last Friday was very happy about his sitting and standing although he did advise us to give more tummy time.

We went to visit the hospital’s pedia unit because the government clinic was not satisfied about my son’s growth for both height and weight. It was very weird that they were expecting him to have caught up by now! I do have a pedia godsister and she told me that IUGR babies usually catch up in about 1.5 to 2 years.

It was nice that a senior pediatrician saw my son. He was not worried at all right now but had offered that if the next time he sees us (12 weeks later), my son’s growth curve should be steeper. The good doctor was hoping that my son would love taking solids so it could help him gain more weight. I hope so too! I am so excited to fed him solids because I love to cook and prepare food. But if my son doesn’t have a steeper growth curve by then, the doctor would recommend seeing a dietician about making my expressed milk more “caloric” and this is additional sugar. 😦 Also, he would have us do blood checks and urine check.

At 5 months, he is starting to chew on his toes, he squeals a lot, smiles so much, poos less than a newborn (haha!), interested in being with us in the dining room during meal times, still loves bath time and still continues to sleep through the night (infant = 5 hours). I wake him up after 5 hours to feed but there have been time when I forget so I feed him after 6 hours. There have also been times when he’s slept through nappy changes with his daddy!

It feels incredible to be a mother! Tiring but everything is worth it. One smile helps the tiredness go away.

We’ll be introducing solids soon after 6 months, as soon as he’s able to sit up without any support. We’ll also be transitioning to cloth diapering — which should allow me to share funny stories haha!

How’s your baby? Did any of your have any IUGR babies too? How are they catching up to the 3%? When did they catch up?


2 thoughts on “Being a mum to a bubbly 5-month old boy feels amazing!

  1. Hello! My name is Giana and I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. My Ob said at the scan today that my baby’s AC is 3 weeks behind amd he talked about inducing me early at 36 weeks if he is will not growing well. I am obviously very worried and was hoping you would share more about your experience coz I dont know anyone who is like me…

    1. Hi Giana, may I ask how frequently you go to your OB and when did your OB realise that your baby isnt growing well? In my case, my baby had always been normal sized but on the small side ever since I started my 3rd trimester. It was only on my 39w1d that he saw my baby wasnt growing anymore. The good news is that your baby had been growing well for most of your pregnancy. The dangerous ones were those from 6 months or earlier. I do hope your baby comes out healthy but if ever your baby has iugr like mine, dont worry as long as you have the support from docyors and hospitals. At 18 months, my son has always been 400-600g below normal weight (3%) and 1 to 2 cm below 3% as well. He’s smaller than other boys his age but he is healthy and reaching developmental milestones withoit problems. Please speak with your do tor on how they could support you u til you give birth and after post partum.

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