8 months · Eating

First bread experience at 8.5 months

I’ve always loved cooking for my family, most especially my husband so when Baby Tony was nearing 6 months, I got so excited because I will be able to cook for him!

6th month came. He didn’t want to be fed.
7th month came. He still didn’t want to be fed.
8th month came. He really didn’t want to be fed.

Unfortunately, this excitement needs to wait a bit longer so he could appreciate my homecooking.

I love biscuits and because I bought the Food 52’s Baking book, I wanted to try the biscuit recipe. It’s got: flour, baking powder, salt, milk and yogurt. That’s it and some butter to be brushed on top. Honestly, to me, it was a failure but my husband said it tasted fine. And since the recipe looked to be healthy enough for Baby Tony, I gave him some.

Oh boy! He looks like he loves it! 🙂 We don’t usually see him put back small pieces of food into his mouth, only for these biscuits. Maybe he’s like his daddy who loves bread.

I want to bake more items that are baby-friendly so I could give it to him. Let me just check what went wrong when I made it and I’ll post the recipe. Here is the recipe on their website.


Have you given your baby some bread? Did they love it too?


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