11 months · Eating

Feeding with a spoon makes your baby cry? Try Chopsticks!

I found out that Baby Tony liked to be fed rice with chopsticks when I celebrated my birthday at the HK airport and we had Saboten for dinner before we got on the plane. But that was just plain rice, when we’re at home and eating rice with pork/chicken/beef/vegetables, I try to feed him using my spoon or his spoon or even the numnum dip I bought for him. Sadly, he didn’t like to be fed with any spoon. He’d close his mouth and turn his cheek. If I try to be more persuasive that the food is “yummy”, he’d cry. If I get food into his mouth, he’d push it out with his tongue.

For months, I felt that he is just not ready for any feeding by mommy/daddy.

Then we were able to feed him banana and bread with our hands. I like to feed him banana disks because it is soooo messy when he eats banana by himself!

He turned 11 months yesterday and I just thought of trying to feed him rice with the soup of Nilaga using chopsticks. It was a success! He was able to eat about 3 tablespoons of rice!

Since we were celebrating his 11 months, I made him Chicken & Mushroom cream pasta. I cut up the cooked fusilli in half, added the pasta and fed it to him using chopsticks. Again, he ate it and did not push out any food – except for the chicken. He’s alright with white button mushroom but not with chicken. He ate about 10 fusilli pasta but since he saw us eating garlic bread, he was pointing as if asking for it. We took out the toasted part and gave him the white bread (without any of the butter + garlic).

From now on, I’ll feed him using chopsticks but I hope he’d like the spoon sooner or later.

What about your baby? Is he/she taking the spoon without any problem? If not, have you tried chopsticks? Weird suggestion! I know!!!

I am planning to upload videos on youtube because wordpress doesn’t seem to allow me to upload videos on my page.


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