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Review: ezpz Happy Mat, Happy Bowl and Mini Mat

Baby Tony has always preferred to feed himself. He’s so independent! We did buy him some bowls that have suction at the bottom but we feel is it not enough. He already likes throwing food on the floor so we’d like something to prevent him from throwing an entire bowl of food on the floor!!! Here comes ezpz, cute colors and looks – I’m hooked! I honestly cannot remember where I first saw it, but the first thing we bought was the happy bowl and we were very happy with it. I then bought the happy mat then the mini mat.

We also had to sell Baby Tony’s old high chair (review coming soon on that one!) because the happy mat didn’t fit the tray and Baby Tony likes to lift the mat up and could possibly throw the entire thing on the floor. This was also because I bought the happy bowl and mat from Amazon – I didn’t see that there was a new mini mat that was available. But no regrets! We use the happy bowl for rice, happy mat for almost anything and sometimes the mini mat for snack time. We’re happy parents and I do think Baby Tony is happy too!

Price: $24.99 for the Happy Mat (lime), $19.99 for the Happy Bowl (blue) and $19.99 for the Mini Mat (coral)
Bought from: Amazon and ezpz

How often was this product used?

  • We use at least one of them daily. We mostly use the happy mat since I honestly think it has the best portion size, not too big and not too small.
  • We use the mini mat sometimes for snack time (or when the happy mat is not yet washed).
  • We use the happy bowl least, last time we used it was about 2 weeks ago when I tried to give Baby Tony champorado (chocolate rice – a breakfast of Filipinos).

What do we like about these mats and bowl?

  • We love them! Now that Baby Tony is a bit older, he has figured out how to get his tiny fingers under the mat and lift it up. He only does this when he’s already bored and no longer want to eat.
  • The food compartments in the mat are about the right size. The bowl is great for bowls of congee, porridge and soupy rice. The happy mat is absolutely perfect, if you ask me. The mini mat is great for snack time. Let us remember that the stomachs of our babes are about the same size as their closed fist.

What could be improved?
Hmmmm not a lot because it really is almost perfect. ezpz has fixed the issue I had before and offered the mini mat (The happy mat used to not fit Baby Tony’s high chair tray). Maybe more colors? Is yellow boring?

What I use with the mat and bowls:

Have you checked out ezpz yet? If your child loves to throw everything on the floor, this is great! If you like colorful nice things, this is it! haha!

If you want a 10% discount, you can use my referral code! Click here! 🙂

UPDATE 20-05-2016: Our instagram photo was used by ezpzfun for their #DitchTheTray campaign! Of course, I was asked for permission and I agreed. So happy! I can ruly say that I’m very happy with our Stokke and ezpz products.

LSOScreenshot_04 2016-05-20 10.52.53

You can view photos and videos of how we use our ezpz on our Instagram account.


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