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Back to pre-pregnancy weight after 2 years!!!

I’ve never been so obsessed about my weight. I know I’m a bit over than the ideal weight but I’ve always fallen in the normal range for my height. I’m about 5 feet tall and I used to weigh 90-100lbs before getting married. Before I got pregnant, I was around 115lbs and just yesterday, I saw 114lbs on the weighing scale! I’m overjoyed because I have not been dieting or exercising – I just breastfeed every day. 🙂

I used to do Muay Thai before getting married and now that we’ve disassembled my son’s changing table, we took out the punching bag but after about 1 month, I have not been able to work out yet. (I can’t find my boxing gloves…yeah, I know. Excuses!)

How do you guys work out? How often? I just find it a bit challenging because my schedule for the day is something like this:

7:15-7:45am I dream feed Baby Tony
7:50-8:20am Bathtime
8:20-8:50am Breakfast and getting ready for work
9:00-12:30pm At work (Pump milk at 10:30AM)
12:30-1:30pm Lunch at home, breastfeeding/playing with Baby Tony
1:40-6:00pm At work (Pump milk at 4PM)
6:00-7:00pm Supermarket/wet market
7:00-7:30pm Breastfeed or snack time with the family
7:30-8:00pm Cooking dinner
8:00-8:30pm Dinner
8:30-9:30pm TV time
9:30-10:30pm Baby Tony’s night time routine

I honestly don’t know if I could give up my TV time! haha!

When did you return to your pre-pregnancy weight? I know some of my friends were back within the first 6 months but I’ve been between 118-120 since Baby Tony was 6 months. It’s usually the extra pounds that are so difficult to shake off.


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