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Recipe: Fruity popsicles

Baby Tony used to LOVE strawberries. He doesn’t really like them now.

He also used to like mango. He doesn’t like them now either.

So what am I to do with the mangoes and strawberries at home? Make them into popsicles of course! 🙂 It was a Saturday morning and Baby Tony had help from both his mommy and daddy. I love cooking so having my son help make this with me made me extremely happy.


Equipment needed:

  1. Popsicle mold
  2. Spoon
  3. Bowl
  4. Knife
  5. Chopping board



  1. Fruits sliced into small cubes (Mangoes, strawberries, oranges, apple, blueberries, etc)
  2. Young coconut juice (we used Jax coco)



  1. Slice the fruits into smaller pieces (blueberres should be fine as it is) and place them in a bowl.
  2. Guide your baby in spooning the fruits from the bowl into the popsicle molds.
  3. Pour the coconut juice.
  4. Seal the molds
  5. Place in the freezer to freeze for about 4 hours, at least.


What do you make with your babies? I know it’s messy but it is a lot of fun!!!


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