15 months · Eating · Feedback/Review

Review: Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair

We bought Baby Tony’s first high chair when he was almost 5 months old. This was to have him sit with us during meals and see the table. Before purchasing this, he would sit in his rocker while we eat. Since the flats in Hong Kong are very small our requirements were that it has to be compact, has a cover that we could easily wash and easy to clean.

Price: $49.99
Bought from: Amazon

How often was this product used?
Daily, at least 3x a day. In the beginning, he would only eat once a day which then became twice a day then thrice a day. Now, he would eat 3-5 time a day. He doesn’t eat a lot so it’s important for us to have frequent meals with him.

What do we like about this high chair?

  • Compact and can be used in our dining table: We have 4 dining chairs and since there are only 3 adults at home, we don’t really need the extra one. This worked for us.
  • Easy to clean the tray: May not fit in our tiny sink but we can still wash it easily.
  • Easy to wash the covers (very quick to dry!): Babies are messy creatures! It was very important that the covers are machine washable. We’d wash this and it will be dry in about 2 hours using our dehumidifier.
  • Quite a big tray and easily removed and secured: For something quite compact, the tray is quite huge. Baby Tony can make tons of mess!
  • 5-harness points: Keep my son very secure.

What could be improved?

  • Tray holder. When the tray is not in use, we don’t like it locked as a table to be used. You know how captain America has a thing on his back that holds his shield? Something like that.
  • Foot rest. I think this will be one of the issues for some babies. Our issue with our son being quite small is that he’d kick the table which will then allow him to rock back and forth.
  • Food gets stuck between the plastic. The area where the recline of the chair “comes together”, that’s where food gets stuck. We would have to take the chair apart to clean that area because one time, we saw mould! Yikes!

What we use with the high chair: 


We have sold this high chair on Baby Swap-It  a few months ago but a friend of mine bought it. This is because we changed Baby Tony’s high chair to Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set and we love that even more. We felt that my son is more “open” to the food on the table now that his table is our table too. In 24 hours after making the switch, my son was more open to trying food and eating his food. I’m not sure which part about this chair sort-of “closed him off” – could it be the big chair (my son is small!)? or could it be that he’s not eating on the table with us (because he has his big tray)? I’m really not sure, but if you do have some extra funds, I would vote for the Stokke high chair. It also lets your child grow with it.

Which high chair are you using now? Are you happy with it?


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