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Travelling with a [16 month-old] toddler

My husband was sent to Sydney for business and what better way to “save” money! We can go there too and not pay for hotel fees. Yay! So, we applied for the visa, got approved, booked tickets and flew to Sydney. To save money, I decided not to fly Cathay Pacific and use staff tickets… Continue reading Travelling with a [16 month-old] toddler

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First time at the beach

Baby Tony has never been to the beach until yesterday. He has had his beach set, hat and sunglasses for a couple of months now and we’ve been really excited – even praying for sunny weather so we could go! 😀 We planned to go early in the morning so it won’t be too crowded… Continue reading First time at the beach

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Back to pre-pregnancy weight after 2 years!!!

I’ve never been so obsessed about my weight. I know I’m a bit over than the ideal weight but I’ve always fallen in the normal range for my height. I’m about 5 feet tall and I used to weigh 90-100lbs before getting married. Before I got pregnant, I was around 115lbs and just yesterday, I… Continue reading Back to pre-pregnancy weight after 2 years!!!

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Review: ezpz Happy Mat, Happy Bowl and Mini Mat

Baby Tony has always preferred to feed himself. He’s so independent! We did buy him some bowls that have suction at the bottom but we feel is it not enough. He already likes throwing food on the floor so we’d like something to prevent him from throwing an entire bowl of food on the floor!!!… Continue reading Review: ezpz Happy Mat, Happy Bowl and Mini Mat