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First time at the beach

Baby Tony has never been to the beach until yesterday. He has had his beach set, hat and sunglasses for a couple of months now and we’ve been really excited – even praying for sunny weather so we could go! 😀 We planned to go early in the morning so it won’t be too crowded… Continue reading First time at the beach

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Milestone unlocked: Walking

A daughter of my friend started walking just before she turned 9 months. She’s a week older than Baby Tony. A daughter of my other friend started walking just when she was about 9.5 months old. She’s about a month younger than Baby Tony. Oh, Anak! When will you start walking? We, parents, often compare… Continue reading Milestone unlocked: Walking

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Crawling + Teeth + Tricks of a 10 month old

Before January ends, let me greet you a Happy New Year and I hope you enjoyed your holiday season with your baby too! Baby Tony has been extremely busy these past 2 months with one trick after another! Upper two front teeth came out around Christmas (lower two front teeth made their debut when he… Continue reading Crawling + Teeth + Tricks of a 10 month old

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8 months 11 days / 36 weeks 1 day / 253 days

Baby Tony is growing up too fast! Tomorrow, we’ll be attending his 1st Halloween. There’s this halloween gathering that some Hong Kong moms have arranged and we’re joining! Yay! He’ll be wearing a skeleton costume that I bought just last night on swap-it and picked up this afternoon. Wow, 8 months…who would have thought that… Continue reading 8 months 11 days / 36 weeks 1 day / 253 days