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Travelling with a [16 month-old] toddler

My husband was sent to Sydney for business and what better way to “save” money! We can go there too and not pay for hotel fees. Yay! So, we applied for the visa, got approved, booked tickets and flew to Sydney. To save money, I decided not to fly Cathay Pacific and use staff tickets… Continue reading Travelling with a [16 month-old] toddler

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Milestone unlocked: Walking

A daughter of my friend started walking just before she turned 9 months. She’s a week older than Baby Tony. A daughter of my other friend started walking just when she was about 9.5 months old. She’s about a month younger than Baby Tony. Oh, Anak! When will you start walking? We, parents, often compare… Continue reading Milestone unlocked: Walking

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Time flies! We’ve got a 6-month old baby now!

After one miscarriage, a loooong waiting game and IUGR complications, our pride and joy is now 6 months old! How time flies when you’re enjoying every minute of it. Yes, it’s hard work being a mother. Yes, it’s even harder when breastfeeding. Yes, it’s quite stressful to pump in the office especially if you’re short… Continue reading Time flies! We’ve got a 6-month old baby now!